About BMS

The Baltic Museology Summer School which started in 2004 continues. The aim of the School is to develop and strengthen museological thought in the Baltic States, by linking theory and practice, in order for Baltic museums to become more professional, contemporary and accessible to society. The BMS offers a view of museums, their role in society and associated problems through the eyes of prominent, internationally acclaimed lecturers in museology. BMS participants are museum professionals from the Baltic states and other countries, who are interested in the link between museum theory and practice and the role of museology in making of decisions in day-to-day museum operations. Participation in the BMS provides an opportunity to not only meet and converse with international authorities in the field, but also to get to know Latvian museums and to establish networks with other BMS participants. The BMS is a long-term Baltic States collaborative project in the further education of museum professionals, which each year runs a week-long educational programme focusing on one aspect of museum work, and linking museum theory with practice. As the BMS is an international collaboration, the programme is conducted in English.