What is the theme of the BMS 2017?

See “Programme”

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Is it planned to cover the same themes every year?

No, the themes change every year. They will be chosen so that over time, the most significant aspects of museum work will be addressed.

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Is it necessary to prepare for the BMS in advance?

To successfully participate in BMS lessons, you must have an interest in questions of museum theory, experience in the museum sector and an understanding of the museum as an institution. You must also have an adequate level of English proficiency.

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How good does my English have to be?

Your English language skills must be sufficient to allow you to actively participate in discussions and group work.

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What do I have to read before participating in BMS?

To actively participate in the activities, you must read the readings recommended by the lecturers.

See “Academic Resources”.

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Why is the school called the “Baltic” school?

This is because the school is a collaborative project between three Baltic States.  However, this does not mean that the target audience for the BMS is only museum professionals from these countries.   We welcome applications from any museum professional who is interested in the theory of museum work .

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Who can apply to participate in the BMS?

We accept applications from museum workers in Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia or from any other country, provided they can communicate in English and wish to conduct their practical work based on a foundation of museum theory.

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How do I apply, and to whom?

You can apply by sending the completed application form to the Latvian, Lithuanian or Estonian coordinators (see “How to Apply”). The coordinators can also assist with any other questions regarding application.

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What is the deadline for application?

Applications close on 10. 05. 2017.

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Does application guarantee me a place in the BMS?

No. If the number of applicants exceeds expectations, the organisers may decide to reject participant applications. There are 35 places available in the BMS.

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What criteria will be used to select BMS participants?

Level of English language proficiency; motivation; experience in museum work; order of application.

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When will I receive confirmation that I have been accepted to participate in the BMS?

The final answer will be given no later than 31.05.2017.

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Does it cost to participate in the BMS?

Yes, there is a participation fee of EUR 580.

Participants from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia may have a discounted fee, depending on financial support provided by these countries’ Ministries of Culture.   Participants from the abovementioned countries should consult with their national coordinator for further information.

See “How to Apply ”.

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What costs are covered by the participation fee?

The participation fee covers all costs associated with attending the school including excursions, accommodation and meals. The fee does not include transport costs to the BMS venue and health insurance.

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Is it possible to receive financial support to participate in the BMS?

Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian participants should speak to their national coordinators about possibilities for financial support.

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Who are the initiators and supporters of the BMS?

The BMS was established on the initiative of the Latvian State Authority on Museums. After dissolution of the State Authority on Museums, care about the implementation of the Project has been taken over by the Society of Promotion of Museology in the Baltics.

The idea of establishing the BMS is supported by the Ministries of Culture of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia; the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian committees of ICOM (International Council of Museums); and the ICOM Regional Organisation for Europe.

The BMS is financially supported by the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian Ministries of Culture.

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What happens, if I cannot participate in the BMS due to unforseeable circumstances, my application has been accepted/participation fees have been transfered?

You must notify the BMS organisers and your state coordinator (if you are from Estonia or Lithuania) of these circumstances immediately.

If the Society of Promotion of Museology in the Baltics has received notification by 30 June, then your fees will be refunded, minus any charges incurred as a result of bank transfers.

If notification is received after 30 June, then it is possible that part of the participation fee that has already been utilized in organization of the school will not be refunded.

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