The magical museology moment in Cēsis


The saturated training week of the Baltic Museology School has been spent in a friendly atmosphere and great environment. Everyone was eagerly capturing the knowledge that our excellent lecturers Leontine Meijer van Mensch and Dr. Peter van Mensch generously bestowed and learning the examples of modern museum practice shared by Dr. Elisabeth Tietmeyer.

The week in Cēsis has passed by as a flash during which participants managed to make friends, fall in love with the charming city and conceive new joint projects. But the greatest gain has been new insights, ideas, knowledge and desire to continue going into the binding museum theory.   As usual, also this year several Latvian museums were visited – each with its own charm, a different approach to expositions and work with visitors, but all as one – passionate, active and responsive. Thank you, Valmiera, Naukšēni, Mazsalaca and Imants Ziedonis Museums, for your hospitality and sharing your treasures.

The organisers and participants of the BMS-2016 say special thanks to the Manager of Cesis History and Art Museum, Kristīne Skrīvere, and the main Collections Manager, Dace Tabūne, for your participation in the project – without your active and friendly support the BMS-2016 event would not succeed!

Thanks also to the Ministries of Culture of all three Baltic countries and the Latvian National Cultural Fund for supporting the continuation of this project, as well as to the Cesis District Council and Cesis Culture and Tourism Center for responsiveness and warm welcome.

Now only photographs remind us about these great days full of knowledge and experiences. Moments fixed by Jana Šakare can be viewed in the flickr picture gallery of the Society of Promotion of Museology in the Baltics:

Dear Leontine, Peter and Elisabeth, thank you for your devotion to museology and the Baltic museum people, and dear participants representing Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia and Latvia, thank you for your friendlieness and active involvement in learning and sharing your experiences during the week!